The Ice Garden


‘You’ll have to go Full Hat.’ For Jess to venture into the outdoors, she must always go ‘full hat’, completely covered up to avoid any contact from the sun that triggers her extreme allergy. She experiences a world of isolation, frustration, hospitals, and intense story writing into which she ventures through worlds of possibilities. One summer night, after an unsettling hospital visit, Jess escapes her allergy prison for a park, a nighttime gate and a strange ‘ice garden’. What she discovers and who she meets unlocks something beyond even her most desperate imagining.

Join Jess on her discoveries, her setbacks and her awakening ‘The Ice Garden‘ is mysterious and magical and ‘purple shell’ perfect. We recommend this title to committed readers, aged from 10 years of age.


The Ice Garden

Guy Jones

(Chicken House)

‘Freaky Jess, she can’t go out, can’t go out and run about’…. Jess’s severe allergy to the sun means a life of isolation, hospital visits and frustration. Story writing unlocks a world of possibilities, as does opening the gate into a forbidden nighttime garden. This enticing story has a Narnia fragrance, though it is bolder, more wonderful and desperate. We recommend ‘The Ice Garden‘ to readers aged from 10 years of age.


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