The Ice Sea Pirates


‘The Ice Sea Pirates‘ is reminiscent of ‘Treasure Island’ or ‘Kidnapped’. Siri and Miki know the stories of the pirates who  snatch unaccompanied children from the isolated Swedish islands. Yet, Iron Apple island grows the best berries which are necessities when your diet is mainly fish! The risk is real, yet somehow far away, until the day that Miki is snatched to work in the diamond mines of the Pirate King. On that day Siri determines to do the unthinkable, and retrieve her sister from the ‘Ice Sea Pirates‘.

From seafarers to wolf hunters, a merchild to a bird trapper, Siri fights on toward the legendary mine on the island of Seglen. She shows determined courage through constant adversity, frozen souls and a frozen landscape. All the time she keeps her goal, the rescue of Miki, in sight.

You can smell the fish, feel the wet wooden hulls, hear the seabird cries, and sense the magnitude of the quest, and the landscape. David Barrow’s empathetic pencilled illustrations offer a greater sense of the strangeness and ‘mythology’ of the adventure.

The Ice Sea Pirates‘ is a stirring adventure story with everything you need from a really good book- danger, the unusual, good versus evil. We are delighted to include this title on the Bookwagon shelves. We recommend ‘The Ice Sea Pirates‘ to readers aged from 9 or 10 years old, and suggest it as a great bedtime or classroom read aloud selection.



The Ice Sea Pirates

Frida Nilsson, with illustrations by David Barrow

(Gecko Press)

The Ice Sea Pirates‘ is a rich, bold, thrilling adventure story set in the frozen north of legend and adversity. When Siri’s little sister is snatched by Whitehead’s crew to work in his diamond mine, common belief is she will never be seen again. Against expectation and  advice, Siri determines to hunt down her sister and return her to Iron Apple Island. This is a superb adventure story. ‘The Ice Sea Pirates’ would be a stirring read aloud story for bedtime or classrooms.


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