The Inkberg Enigma


In The Inkberg Enigma, a thrilling mystery adventure, Miro and Zia live in Aurora, a fishing town nestled in the shadow of a mysterious castle. Miro lives in the world of books; Zia is never without her camera. The day they meet, they stumble on a secret.  Rumours abound of monsters of the deep and sinister goings on in the council.

Zia is determined to discover more and drags a reluctant Miro into the adventure.  As they dig further into the mystery, they learn that they should be careful in who they trust.

This is an exciting adventure with a strong filmic narrative. The drawing style is reminiscent of the Tintin adventures and there is plenty of irony and humour along the way. The author Jonathan King has a background in film and animation and the narrative rocks along in a very cinematic way.


The Inkberg Enigma

Jonathan King

(Gecko Press)

The Inkberg Enigma is a thrilling graphic novel in the comic style, with nods along the way to Tintin and Scooby Doo!  Miro and Zia live in a seemingly dull fishing town where nothing much happens.  At first, Miro is more interested in collecting rare books than in the suddenly strange goings on in the town.  The mystery centres on a shadowy group of town elders and then rumours of monsters from the deep.

As Miro and Zia delve further, putting themselves at risk in the process, they find they cannot trust anyone.  Even their nearest and dearest.  There are thrills and spills and satisfyingly villainous villains, and more than a little humour along the way.

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