The International Yeti Collective


Ella’s Uncle Jack, Jack Stern, television explorer, is overjoyed when Ella has evidence of yeti in the northern Himalayas. Yet this sighting has repercussions for the yeti sett she witnesses. Tick has broken the rules; human contact of any kind leads to expulsion. Tick should understand this, for his mother was lost to him years ago when she was sighted by humans. Tick has put the whole sett in danger.

As the danger grows, Tick’s courage increases. Yet a further setback involving his sett’s rulebook means the sett must quit their habitat and alert ‘The International Yeti Collective‘. It’s a race against time, yeti vs human, or…. Are Ella and her Uncle Jack on the same side really? What are their individual motivations? Does Ella see something else aside from shadowy mountain beasts lumbering through their habitat? Who is the mysterious Ray Stevens who seems to drive Uncle Jack on?

Paul Mason has employed naturalist type language throughout his story, from names to species, that increase the authenticity of this story. The comparable youth and strength of both Ella and Tick are cleverly connected and played in the plot. Ella’s situation of relying on Anna and Uncle Jack for guidance, is similar to Tick, as his faith in Dahl grows. Both show initiative and empathy in their individual quests. New discoveries in different habitats; Tick as he ventures from his mountain sett, Ella as she travels to the mountains from New Zealand, suggest a compatibility between the two, also.

‘The International Yeti Collective’ is a clever, compelling title. We recommend this title to readers who love stories rooted in adventure, nature, mystery and legend.


The International Yeti Collective

Paul Mason, with illustrations by Katy Riddell

(Stripes Publishing)

Tick has been warned to stay away from humans (they who have no smell). It’s hard when there’s a little ‘fly’ pestering in his head, urging him to watch. Why would they humans travel so far north? Tick’s yeti sett is wary. Any yeti thought to put the sett in danger through human contact is expelled. Tick wouldn’t be so silly as to put the sett at risk, would he? He’s learned his lesson through his mother’s absence from his life.
Meanwhile Ella is adventuring in the Himalayas with her television explorer uncle. Its ‘Jack Stern: Yeti Quest’. Ella is fascinated by the sights and sounds and movement in the mountains. She sets up her camera gently and wonders what she might discover.  Surely it’s impossible that a young New Zealand girl could  set a whole chain of reactions in motion through one photograph, an encounter, a sighting?
Paul Mason brings an authenticity to a human chase of the magical. Ella and her uncle’s motivations are different although they are on the same search. However Tick and his little ‘fly’ have a different quest. Can Tick reverse the outcome of his compulsion and thus unite the disparate, ‘The International Yeti Collective’? 



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