The Invisible Boy


When Mr and Mrs Ray win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the moon, there is just one problem- who will look after Sam? It seems their only option is to accept a surprise offer of help from their neighbour, Mrs Hardbottom. If Sam and his parents had realised the REAL reason Mrs Hardbottom was so keen to child mind, they would not have been so grateful.

Sam’s parents’ unexpected disappearance leaves Sam in a predicament as unbending as a ‘cement wall.’ That is, until a tomato ketchup guzzling alien appears, off course, in the back yard of the Hardbottom’s rainy bungalow….

‘The Invisible Boy‘ is one of Sally Gardner’s ‘Magical Children’ series. It offers thrills, fears and cheers, wicked characterisations, payback and fun. It is sure to capture the interest and delight of readers building their stamina and experience.


The Invisible Boy

Sally Gardner

Magical Children Series

(Orion Children’s Books)

Do not trust Mrs Hardbottom! How might Sam escape her evil intentions? Could the answer be a ketchup eating alien, with a little knowledge of invisibility? ‘The Invisible Boy’ offers inventive fun for newer readers.


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