The Island at the Edge of Night


Sent away to a remote boarding school on a Scottish island, Faye is confused and scared.  Why has she been sent there?  She is told it is because of a ‘wicked act’ she has committed against her Aunt Christina, of which she has no clear memory. The Island at the Edge of Night is a brooding gothic thriller that finds Faye marooned on the island school/prison, desperately seeking answers.  Alongside some of the other children sent to the school, also accused of wickedness, she sets out to reveal the secrets of the people running the school and to solve her own mysteries and those of her family.

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The Island at the Edge of Night

Lucy Strange

(Chicken House)

The Island at the Edge of Night is a superbly atmospheric gothic thriller from one of our best writers of historical fiction for children.  Faye lives with her father and his sister, Aunt Christina.  Her father’s illness and depression stems from his experiences in the First World War. Aunt Christina is finding it hard to cope with Faye’s wildness and deep connection with nature.  Faye’s behaviour has become increasingly erratic, at least according to her Aunt. She is sent away to a remote boarding school on a Scottish island that is forbidding and prison-like.
It soon becomes clear that the school on Auk Island is indeed not what it purports to be.  Rather, children have been incarcerated there who have been accused of “wickedness”.  Faye is told she is there because she has committed a wicked act against her aunt.  The other children housed there are a disparate bunch; rebellious Boudicca and a Prince among them.
As Faye learns more about the people running the school and the children held there, the mysteries deepen. She is determined to learn the truth about her incarceration, however.  Alongside Boudicca and Filiberto, the Prince, she hatches an escape plan.  In so doing she also intends to expose the true wickedness at work on Auk Island.
Lucy Strange has triumphed once again with this hugely impressive and brooding story about the power of nature, identity and family secrets. Bookwagon is proud to stock all of Lucy’s novels, including Our Castle By The Sea.


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