The Island Vet: Pirates and Sea Monsters


Tilly’s Mum has taken a new job as vet to the Haven Islands. It will mean uprooting from the city but living above the practice. Both Tilly and her mother hope for more time together. However upon arrival, there’s no time to unpack, for there’s a queue of customers waiting, from a lamb to a seagull! Tilly’s quick to help.

Then again, when Tilly and her mother think their day is through, Tilly’s mother is called out to another of the Haven Islands. It’s a boat journey on a stormy night that leaves Tilly in charge of the animals in the practice. Her mind is full of concern about her mother and then Pirates and Sea Monsters. However, she’s determined to prove reliable, and mix up the milk for the lamb and feed the expectant Princess Fluffy.

Bookwagon is so happy to welcome Gill Lewis’s The Island Vet series, of which Pirates and Sea Monsters is the first title. Its builds so satisfyingly upon the author’s own veterinary past and her devotion to animals. Then again, we’re in the hands of a real storyteller, so that The Island Vet: Pirates and Sea Monsters is a most satisfying, delightful read.

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The Island Vet: Pirates and Sea Monsters

Gill Lewis, illustrated by Irina Avgustinovich

(Barrington Stoke)

After her work means that Tilly’s Mum sees less of Tilly, she elects to take a new job as The Island Vet to the Haven Islands. Tilly’s delighted that she’ll have more time with Mum, and that they’ll live above the practice. After all, she’s always wanted to be more involved in Mum’s work.
However, they’ve barely arrived before Mum’s overwhelmed by a queue of animal patients, with Tilly helping her out. Thereafter, when it’s time for macaroni cheese from their kind Post Office neighbour, there’s an emergency call. Despite the brewing storm, it seems Mum must take a boat out to help. This stirs thoughts of Pirates and Sea Monsters in Tilly, who’s left to care for the overnight patients.
Gill Lewis builds upon her own veterinary experience and her devotion to wildlife, to kickstart a new series. Like Song of the River, another dyslexia friendly title from the Barrington Stoke stable, this is consumed by its setting. However, there’s a locality, a natural instinct to have your own pet, to care for animals that the writer recognises in her storytelling. What’s more, it’s full of incident and discovery, shown too, by Irina Avgustinovich’s warm illustrations.
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome The Island Vet: Pirates and Sea Monsters aboard. It is a truly readable, entertaining and lovely story that makes us want to visit the islands again!


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