The Jamie Drake Equation


I love ‘The Jamie Drake Equation‘. From the opening chapters wherein Jamie is threatened by maths equation homework, to unconventional interludes with Minty, a surprise encounter with Dr Foster and the dazzling, stars-in-the eyes conclusion, this book is meteor mighty. It left me tearful under the hairdresser’s foils, wishing for more.

It is clear that Christopher Edge writes what he would read. There is  respect for his readers, for as in The Many Worlds of Albie Bright  the story is captivating, realistic and yet so imaginative. Just supersonic!

Nominated for the 2018 CILIP Carnegie Medal, shortlisted for the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award, the Haringey Children’s Book Award and the Bolton Children’s Fiction Award.

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The Jamie Drake Equation

Christopher Edge

(Nosy Crow)

The Jamie Drake Equation hits all the spots from science to real life, to affirmation, to possibilities. After all, isn’t being the son of an astronaut something exceptional? Imagine being at school with your class, watching your father’s rocket launch? Knowing that he’s part of the International Space Station, watched around the world? Then again, what if you missed your father? That’s Jamie’s predicament. Therefore, the local observatory would be a place that could comfort him, couldn’t it? However what if Jamie’s phone was to pick up a peculiar signal? Maybe something that suggested life beyond our planet. Then again, what if this coincided with Jamie’s father going missing? Wouldn’t it all seem to be rather desperate, especially if Jamie’s warned away from the observatory?
Bookwagon is awed and captivated by The Jamie Drake Equation. It seems that this writer creates compelling and inspiring stories that combine regular considerations such as family, with academic concepts. Thereafter, we’re launched into space with Jamie’s dad, while recognising his grief at sharing and thereafter seeming to lose his father so publicly. However, Jamie’s made of the sort of determined intelligence such as we saw in The Many Worlds of Albie Bright


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