The Key to Flambards


‘The Key to Flambards‘ is in the hands of Grace and her mother. They are returning to Flambards, their ancestral family home. Polly has been hired to bring business to the house, now owned by trustees. Grace is seeking peace and rehabilitation following a terrifying accident.

What will they discover? There are new colleagues, distant family, connections with, and ghosts from the past. Will Grace grow in confidence? She is having to cope with a whole different physical future. She is learning to accept the separation of her parents. How does all she is dealing with link her to her great-great- grandmother Christina? Or even the great-great-grandfather who flew off to war, never to return, little realising he was about to be a father?

For those, like me, who adored the K.M. Peyton’s ‘Flambards’ series, there may be a wariness that Linda Newbery is stirring up dearly loved ghosts. However, her relationship with the writer, her deep, emotional respect and love for the series, are palpable. ‘The Key to Flambards’ is a magnificent homage to a magnificent series. It is also, a superb, fulfilling and ‘forever’ title in its own right. Reader, I LOVE ‘The Key to Flambards’. 


The Key to Flambards

Linda Newbery

(David Fickling Books)- hardback

Grace Russell and her mother are returning to Flambards, their ancestral Russell home, now owned by a Trust. Can Grace’s mother bring money into the property to save it from sale? Will Grace find this time away from her school friends brings opportunity to heal her mind and body after her accident? What of their forebears? What will Grace and her mother discover as they take ‘The Key to Flambards‘ of the people who lived there before?


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