The Kid Who Came from Space


‘The Kid Who Came from Space‘ could be a small, smelly, eleven-year old alien. She empathises with the captive humans on her planet. When a twelve- year old girl arrives to great acclaim, Hellyann is curious. There is a trigger point at which she understands that Tammy is scared and in need of her family. Somehow, Hellyann doesn’t believe the Advisor. She knows she must play her part and demonstrate a lack of feeling and a greater reliability on facts and information. Yet Buster Keaton and film footage of an heroic human action push her to taking the risk that has her upturned in Kielder Water.

What will Tammy’s twin, Ethan, make of Hellyann? Why is Iggy, who seems to walk into trouble, so involved in the search for Tammy? Can he, and his tame chicken, be trusted? Furthermore, the two Geoffs and their shotguns are lingering around the water. Have they sighted the alien?

How can Hellyann convince Ethan and Iggy to join her and rescue Tammy? How can Hellyann hope to stay out of sight and scent? Thereafter, how can two Earth boys hope to break through the sophisticated layers of an established alien society. This is a place that views humans as an inferior species to be held captive and examined!

‘The Kid Who Came from Space’ is a truly riveting, unique, warm and beautifully plotted novel. Bookwagon is proud to recommend it to our curious, engaged, confident readers.


The Kid Who Came from Space

Ross Welford


‘The Kid Who Came from Space’ could be Hellyann. It may be Tammy or Ethan, or Iggy. However, it couldn’t be Ethan’s chicken, Suzy. Certainly they’d travel aboard Philip, who, despite being a bot, is an empathetic, intelligent, articulate spaceship.
Can Ethan do his best and rescue his sister? He knows she’s been abducted by an alien. After all, that’s what Hellyann tells him, and she would know as she’s one of the abducting alien species! What is she doing on Earth? Could it be that she has some sense of humanity, a humour and empathy that others of her species lack and revile? Furthermore, might her appearance on Earth with the purpose of returning Tammy put her at some greater risk than can be envisaged?
Ross Welford’s books always stimulate and take us beyond our comfort zone. After The Dog Who Saved the World we’re travelling with two boys, a chicken and an alien into another galaxy. Fasten your seatbelts and join ‘The Kid Who Came from Space’; it’s a glorious ride!


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