The Kids Only Cookbook


‘The Kids Only Cookbook’ offers fifty recipes chosen to inspire young cooks. From basic instructions for staples such as pasta and rice, to a party time selection, the recipes are approachable and relevant.

This recipe book is introduced with guidance as to how to begin, from useful equipment, to ‘how to avoid disasters’.

I like the way ‘The Kids Only Cookbook‘ is organised. The sequenced, captioned instructions offer an easy way of following recipes. Further the font and font colours are clear, bold and work alongside the photographs perfectly. Every opportunity to encourage would-be chefs is taken in the cook book’s presentation.

The broad range of food demonstrates Sue Quinn’s knowledge and understanding of the children’s menu preferences. Bangers and mash? Sticky toffee pudding in a jar? Lasagne? Jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings?

Bookwagon is really pleased to have discovered this satisfying title. It is a perfect introduction to cooking.


The Kids Only Cookbook

Sue Quinn

(Hardie Grant)

Time to spare? A spatula ready to make a difference? Maybe you’ve children who are keen to put an interest in food and cookery to the test through ‘The Kids Only Cookbook‘. This fulsome recipe book includes bright, instructive pictures, step-by-step sequencing, clearly explained lists of requirements. Furthermore, each recipe includes next steps, with suggestions as to variations.
There has been an absence of quality cookbooks for children. ‘The Kids Only Cookbook‘ is an approachable, tasty selection.


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