The Knight Who Said, “NO!”


The Knight Who Said, “NO!” is Ned. He awakens one day a changed boy. Suddenly he will not fetch the milk or help his father prepare for his tournament. Ned won’t come in for tea!

What will happen when Ned’s warned to come indoors as the dragon swoops over the town? Ned needs to follow good advice, and keep safe, doesn’t he? Or does he see something the townspeople don’t when he looks at the dragon?

Kate Hindley’s bright, full, descriptive pictures are such great fun. I love the page where the butcher, fishmonger and baker stand stunned by Ned’s refusals. The colour blocking and framing heightens the humour and drama.

Lucy Rowland creates perfectly tuned rhymes. Her storytelling is adept and clever. Why does Ned awaken with a changed attitude? I love the way that the conclusion is left open to change too.

‘The Knight Who Said, “NO!” is likely to be a favourite reading choice for individual readers and at story time. We delight in Lucy Rowland’s picture books!

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The Knight Who Said, “NO!”

Lucy Rowland and Kate Hindley

(Nosy Crow)

Ned is a good boy. He obeys his parents and is polite. He wonders about the dragon who circles the town at night. Could she be lonely like him? One day, Ned awakens feeling different. Suddenly, Ned is ‘The Knight Who Said, “NO!” What happens when it’s time to come inside, away from the dragon?


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