The Land of Forgotten Girls


The Land of Forgotten Girls‘ is a creation Sol has made for Ming so that she will not be so frightened. There is a lot to be frightened about in their world. Pinched noses, ice water, the Beast dog in the junkyard are all frightening. Ming believes that Auntie Jove will rescue them. Sol knows better. She understands that the one-bedroomed apartment with their stepmother is their lot. Ice lollies from Tippets make the world a better place. Treasure could help, and she knows where’s there’s treasure to be had. There’s treasure meanwhile in the stories she weaves in ‘The Land of Forgotten Girls’.

This is a magnificent, heart-wrenching, sole- pounding novel. I am delighted to have discovered the works of Erin Entrada Kelly and proud to present the first, ‘The Land of Forgotten Girls‘ to our older Bookwagon readers.

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The Land of Forgotten Girls

Erin Entrada Kelly


The Land of Forgotten Girls‘ is a creation that will take Sol and her younger sister Ming away from their harsh reality. Ming thinks Auntie Jove will be there too, but Sol knows that she is an invention. She’s not sure about Mrs Yeung or Casper, the girl she hurts. We want to ease Sol and Ming’s hurt and make ‘The Land of Forgotten Girls‘ a reality.

Parents Choice Foundation Gold Fiction Award

Winner of the *APALA Award for Children’s Literature- *Asian Pacific American Librarians’ Association


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