The Land of Roar

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Grandad leaves his attic for Arthur and Rose to tidy. It is littered with games and memories from their earlier childhood years. Yet Rose does not care to remember with Arthur. She’s more interested in her phone and the trendy next-door. neighbour 

What is Arthur to do when Grandad, trusting Arthur’s memories, journeys through the folded camp bed into the twins’ magical Land of Roar? Arthur must follow him, alone, for disbelieving  Rose is headed to shopping at Claire’s. 

Major cracks have altered the landscape of Roar. Furthermore, the mermaids have disappeared, alongside Bad Dragon. Pegasus, mourning the absence of Rose, cannot be appeased by Arthur. Worse still, is the rise of Crowky, Arthur’s fearsome foe, now striking out powerfully from the Crow’s Nest, who has captured Grandad, leaving only hours until he promises to stuff him. 

Can Arthur overcome his fears and the diminishment of ‘The Land of Roar’ to rescue Grandad? Could he offer any compensation or promises to the inhabitants of the land he and Rose created? What of Rose? Will she believe again? 

The Land of Roar’ is magical, uplifting, inspiring and delightful. I love the fact that Grandad believes in Roar, and in Arthur. I relish the fact that the children’s creations are their own, rooted in reality, yet in the possibility of their play. 

‘The Land of Roar‘ is an ultimately satisfying title in which Bookwagon delights. We urge you, reader, through the camp bed, into Bookwagon and ‘The Land of Roar’!

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The Land of Roar

Jenny McLachlan, illustrated by Ben Mantle


The day that Rose does not include Arthur, her twin, on her list of preferred classmates breaks Arthur’s heart. He will not show it, however, just as he does not show how her liking of older, cooler friends, and dismissal of his ‘nonsense’ diminishes him. However, when Rose denies ‘The Land of Roar’, Arthur is perturbed. How can she not remember Win, or Mitch the mermaid? She laughs at his memories of dragons and crows, and especially Arthur’s memory of Crowky, his half crow/ scarecrow nightmare. Furthermore, Rose denies Pegasus, her mighty horse, whom she bewitched with stingy tail hair. 
Therefore, what is Arthur to do when Grandad enters ‘The Land of Roar’? It seems like only Arthur believes in this magical land’s existence. How can Arthur, an under confident boy face off Crowky, lead the ‘imaginary’ Win, and track down Grandad before Crowky stuffs him? This award-winning story starts a thrilling trilogy, followed by Return to Roar. Bookwagon loves and recommends this series highly to readers of all ages! 

Winner of the West Sussex School Library Service Award

1 review for The Land of Roar

  1. Emilia Hickey

    I loved the land of roar I couldn’t even put the book down I loved it so much.There were parts of the story where it was scary and parts that were happy.The illustrations were so cool. I wish the next one will be out soon. It sounds so interesting I can’t wait!

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