The Last Wolf


Little Red sets out to hunt ‘The Last Wolf‘. It’s an effort, with lots of twists and turns, but she’s determined. What she discovers is not what she expected. Over the teacups, Little Red learns about ‘the good old days’ when the world was ‘awash with flowers and honey’. Now Little Red is aware of big, hungry eyes watching her. Can Little Red make a difference to the future of ‘The Last Wolf‘?

Mini Grey has threaded an environmental message through her return to a familiar story. Her customary humour, illustrative asides, frisson of unpredictability and positive action keep us gripped. ‘The Last Wolf‘ is a tremendous, satisfying and impactful picture book that we love and recommend.


The Last Wolf

Mini Grey


Little Red is ‘off to catch a wolf.’ There hasn’t been a wolf around Little Red’s house for about a hundred years. Running, tripping, jumping, slithering and pouncing, Little Red ventures to the door of ‘The Last Wolf’. This is a determined, warm and refreshing take on a familiar tale, with a keen environmental thread at its heart. We love this book.


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