The Legend of Kevin

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Max longs for a pet. Yet a tower block flat with busy parents isn’t an ideal situation.

What will Max make of Kevin, whom he discovers on his balcony on a stormy night? This roly-poly flying pony has been buffeted all the way from the Outermost West! How can Kevin care for him? What will Daisy and Max’s’s Mum and Dad make of the custard cream fancying pony? How might Max and Kevin help Bumbleford cope through the rising floodwater?

‘The Legend of Kevin‘ is a super story. Max and Kevin’s friendship is so enjoyable. The story line is ingenious and crafty! Additional characters like the sea monkeys and Mr Mould the Headteacher increase the fun. We are so pleased to include a Reeve & McIntyre title on our Bookwagon shelves. ‘The Legend of Kevin‘ has been worth the wait!

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The Legend of Kevin

Roly-Poly Flying Pony

Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre


The Legend of Kevin, Roly-Poly Flying Pony begins with Kevin’s windblown journey to a place where ordinary people live. It seems that a journey from his nest  in the wild, wet hills of Outermost West to Bumbleford is a huge distance! Yet, could Kevin’s wings make a difference? Can he find a place of safety? Somewhere above the increasing flood waters? Maybe somewhere that has custard creams…… After all, custard creams are this flying pony’s favourite biscuit! Thereafter, is it possible that this place might include a Max and a Daisy? It seems that Max might be destined to be the friend for whom Kevin has been looking. Thereafter, it seems that they might be able to help as Bumbleford is flooded.

The Legend of Kevin is the first title in a really engaging, witty, beautifully written and drawn series. Further titles include Kevin’s Great Escape and Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit. Bookwagon recommends this title and series highly to chapter book readers of less experience.


2 reviews for The Legend of Kevin

  1. Peter Hazell (age 6)

    It is about a flying pony Kevin. Kevin’s favourite foods are grass,apples and biscuits. Only not in that order. He likes biscuits best. My favourite part of the book was at the very end when Kevin couldn’t tell all of it to Max so he just said custard creams. Kevin’s other favourite biscuits are Bourbons and pink wafers. The sea monkeys in the book were very very scary and there was a huge flood.

  2. George 7y

    This made us all laugh and it’s exciting. We liked the graphics (mum wrote that bit)

    • Bronnie

      Thank you George!

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