The Legend of Sally Jones


Sally Jones took to the typewriter gifted to her by Chief, to reveal the story of his false imprisonment in the exceptional The Murderer’s Ape. The hardship of her early years was suggested, yet it has taken until now for Jakob Wegelius to tell Sally’s story.

From the Congo, where she was captured as an infant gorilla, through circus to zoo, jewel thief to bazaar,  Sally survives. She suffers extreme cruelty, neglect and heartbreak. Yet along the way, she learns and builds abiding loyalty to her companions and friends.

Jakob Wegsluis is a spell-binding storyteller. With ‘The Legend of Sally Jones’ his superb, Brian Selznick like graphic pictures, come to the fore emphasising Sally’s journeys and wealth of experience. This is a superb prequel, gripping, real and stunningly imagined.


The Legend of Sally Jones

Jakob Wegelius, translated from the Swedish by Peter Graves

(Pushkin Children’s)- hardback

Sally Jones revealed the story of Chief’s imprisonment for murder in the The Murderer’s Ape. We know she has a deep allegiance to Chief, but why? What is Sally Jones’ story? Now, in the prequel to her marvellous diary, we learn ‘The Legend of Sally Jones’. From the Congo to Istanbul, jewel thief to circus performer, Sally Jones has lived a daring and dangerous life. Jakob Wegelius’s graphic novel examines her story in all its wondrous detail.


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