The Letter for the King


Tiuri is restless on the night ahead of his investiture as a knight at the court of King Dagonaut. He knows the rules; that no food or word must pass his lips, and any disturbance must be blocked. This special evening is devoted to prayer and meditation ahead of the glorious celebration of his knighthood.

Therefore, what compels him to answer the frantic knocking at the door? Why are the other young squires at vigil alongside him immune to the hammering? Thereafter, why does Tiuri listen to the pleas of the old man that ‘this letter must be taken across the Great Mountains to the King in the City of Unauwen‘? This letter? Why, Tiuri has no idea of the contents. Furthermore, he is only a young squire, not invested, without protection or the skills of a knight…

Yet, in opening the door, Tiuri has tasked himself with the mission of a lifetime. Along multicoloured rivers, pursued by Red Knights, tricked and trapped and robbed. Why does Tiuri continue?

‘The Letter to the King‘ is a compelling, mighty, wonderful story. Bookwagon recommends this classic story to any courageous reader, seeking a tale into which they can fall headfirst and be swept away by magical, glorious lands and deeds.


The Letter for the King

Tonke Dragt

(Pushkin Children’s)

‘The Letter for the King’ is given to Tiuri on midsummer’s night, ahead of the celebration of knighthood. This is a solemn evening, when all who will be knighted must keep vigil, to be undisturbed by anyone or anything. Therefore, why does Tiuri feel impelled to answer the door? How does he ‘know’ that whoever is hammering so frantically will employ him with the task of a lifetime?
The stranger at the door says that the ‘fate of a kingdom’ rests upon him? However, how can he, a young squire, be expected to travel ‘across the Great Mountains to the king in the City of Unauwen‘? Tiuri is warned that there are ‘enemies all around‘….
Like The Murderer’s Ape, this is a might novel in density, duration and storytelling. Furthermore ‘The Letter for the King‘ is the story of a journey, an awakening, courage, loyalty and strength.

Winner of the Children’s Book of the Year award


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