The Light Hunters


Lux and Maya must keep their fascination for The Light Hunters hidden in Daven. Years ago, Cerberus tore their town apart. It was poorly defended by Light Hunters, who were subsequently banished. Yet, Lux and Maya believe in the stories of this group’s superheroic skills and abilities to keep monsters at bay. Furthermore, Lux’s grandfather teaches him Light Hunter skills in secret.

Therefore, when Lux reveals a hidden power in saving Maya after a surprise monster attack, it’s a shock for all, including him. What does it mean? Furthermore, there’s a shadowed stranger in Daven with a particular interest in Lux and this strange, unknown power. Is it possible that Lux could be secreted away to somewhere safe, somewhere where he might learn his family history and the real strengths that he possesses? Thereafter, is it possible to deter the shadowed stranger, repel monsters and find his way as a valued member of a new band?

The Light Hunters is an exciting, imaginative, brilliantly structured middle grade novel with shades of heroic myths, good vs. evil and shadowy threat. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this smashing new title aboard!

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The Light Hunters

Dan Walker

(Uclan Publishing)

The Light Hunters were banished from Daven for failing to protect the town from a monster attack. Lux Dowd’s family were amongst those overwhelmed by Cerberus. Now he lives with his grandfather and learns secret Light moves from him. However, could there be something more? His best friend, Maya is convinced of it!
Could it be that a secret swim to the lighthouse library might provoke the need to reveal something more? It seems that in the moment that Lux uses his Heal power to save Maya from a Monster attack, his secret is revealed to the spectators, himself and a shadowed man. Furthermore, the questions that bubble up require him to be hidden away. Yet in doing this, more is revealed, for it seems as though he and Maya are en route to Dawnstar, the secret Light Hunters’ headquarters. What’s more it seems that Lux has a very special role and history within this band.
What a brilliant, pacy and exciting book! Not only are we engaged in Lux’s family story but we’re caught up in a superhero world of monsters, villains and heroes! Bookwagon is delighted to welcome The Light Hunters aboard.


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