The Light Jar


A deserted cottage overrun by chickens, a desperate escape in the dead of the early night and then the disappearance of his mother? Nate is not certain where to turn. Guidance is offered through Sam, through the Ask Me a Question Magic Ball, through ‘Freaky Things to Freak You Out’, but not longer through his light jar. Mum’s boyfriend Gary destroyed that. Gary destroyed a lot of things. Nate is beginning to remember. While he remembers he helps Kitty, the girl who keeps appearing from the mansion next door, convinced that Nate can help her with the clues to the treasure hunt. Nate’s trying to work out his own clues.

The Light Jar‘ is a stunning book. I read it in one go; I could not put it down for I was so desperate to support Nate, like Sam, on his quest, to come to his rescue. Lisa Thompson has written a masterpiece that will be spoken about with awed voices, shared, read, reread and loved. We recommend ‘The Light Jar‘ to mature readers aged from 9 or 10 years of age.

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The Light Jar

Lisa Thompson, with illustrations by Mark Lowery


Nate’s mother claims they’ve been to the ‘sweet cottage’ to which they are headed. However, the deserted wreck to which they travel in a furtive early morning, conjures no memories. What’s more, there is nothing inviting here, not even food. Therefore in the dead of a winter night, without communication, two strange children and then, his mother’s disappearance…. what is going on with Nate?
As Nate struggles to recall, he thinks of where he’s come from, of Gary, whom they left behind. Thereafter, he recalls The Light Jar, which was a safety talisman. It seems that Gary broke this piece, but then Gary broke a lot of things. Nate begins to tell his truths to Kitty who lingers, though from the mansion next door. What does she need? Why is she so persistent? Thereafter where is Nate’s mother? Why have they come to such a place? 
 The Goldfish Boy proved Lisa Thompson’s reputation as a writer of truths. Once more she captivates readers with a story of complexity and agitation. We feel worried for Nate but also curious. It seems as though there is a lot he is not telling us, but will he tell Kitty? Furthermore, what does Kitty seek? Could it be that she needs a resolution, a happy ending, rather like Nate? What will lead them there? Thereafter, why have Nate and his mother stolen away and what is his mother doing? Is Nate safe? The Light Jar is a truly compelling, urgent and empathetic story that demands answers. 


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