The Light Thieves: Search for the Black Mirror


Grian, Shelli and Jeffrey have learned the truth. That far from working to solve the world’s natural disasters, and then the decline of sunlight, tech wizard, Howard Hansom is behind them. What’s more, his plan to save humankind by shipping them to  a Tipping Point is not all it seems.

Grian has left his Grandad captured by Howard Hansom and escaped to the Wilde with his friends. However, Grandad has entrusted him with a puzzle- ‘ a yellow rock crystal and a letter’. Grian is to travel to the Council of Colour and deliver the letter to Yarrow. However getting there will not be easy, for Grian, Shelli and Jeffrey have been wrongly cited as being responsible for the destruction of the Tipping Point. It’s all a ruse, a cover up, so that Howard Hansom might continue his take over of human minds and the world’s natural resources.

The Light Thieves: Search for the Black Mirror, has readers return to Babbage and beyond with Grian, Shelli and Jeffrey. The world is in crisis, and people deceived by technology and lies. What’s more, nature is at risk. What can the friends do to overturn Hansom’s advancement and reveal the truth. Furthermore, it seems that Hansom has all the resources, including his evil Proctors who are on the children’s trail. Bookwagon welcomes this standalone sequel to The Light Thieves, Search for the Black Mirror, aboard.

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The Light Thieves: Search for the Black Mirror

Helena Duggan


Grian, Shelli and Jeffrey have left Grian’s grandfather prisoner within Howard Hansom’s. However, before he left, Grian was presented with a secrets letter by Grandad. It included a puzzle within a poem, and was from the White Rose. It seems Grandad wants Grian to take the letter to the Council of Colour. However, Howard Hansom and his forces, the Proctors, are hot on the trio’s heels. What’s more, they’ve spread lies about the children’s role in destroying the Tipping Point. This was supposed to be the safe destination for humankind to escape from the darkening world. How on earth might the three friends make their way to their destination?
Deep in the Wilde, Shelli’s grandmother, Mother, urges the three friends forward. She knows that each has special skills, from Skelli’s connection with animals and ability with the magical glimmer. Then there’s Jeffrey’s intelligence and research. What’s more, it seems he has mysterious connections who might help when the going gets really tough. As for Grian? Grandad’s puzzle practice, his father’s postal service and then his sister’s faith in him, seem to inspire him. What’s more, there’s more going on with Grian. It seems his confidence in himself and his own purpose is growing.Thereafter, what is the target they seek? Could it have some link to Aztec legend?
After The Light ThievesSearch for the Black Mirror picks up the story of a world being destroyed by secretive, deadly human exploitation. Bookwagon is inspired by Helena Duggan‘s urgent, relevant and compelling story. We recommend Search for the Black Mirror, the second, but deftly stand alone, to all enquiring, thoughtful middle grade readers.


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