The Little Gardener


There was once ‘The Little Gardener’. He worked all day and all night. The garden was his labour, his love, his home, his food, but there was little that showed his hard work… except the flower.

What if someone was to see that flower? What could change?

Join Emily Hughes’ ‘The Little Gardener’ across a plethora of wilderness. Wonderful picture book images demonstrating his effort and task. Think upon the message shown in the words and pictures.

This is a picture book to be shared, one to be revisited and looked over and rediscovered. It is a tour-de-force of originality and observation. Bookwagon loves ‘The Little Gardener‘ and recommends it to our younger readers without hesitation.

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The Little Gardener

Emily Hughes

(Flying Eye Books)

Once there was ‘The Little Gardener‘, who felt that all his hard work was too much. Aside from one flower, there was nothing to show for his efforts. Could anything change? ‘The Little Gardener’ a picture book of discovery, a subtle selection for younger readers, with many considered messages to absorb and contemplate…..



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