The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess


The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess are the children created by the royal inventor and a ‘clever old witch‘ for the King and Queen. It is a happy family, although there are secrets.

While a family of tickly beetles live inside the Wooden Robot, he is charged with awakening his sister each morning. It seems that when she falls asleep, she is returned to her original log form. Therefore, what happens when the Robot is distracted by a travelling circus? Thereafter, might a maid mistake the princess for a ‘plain old log lying in the princess’s bed’? Is it possible that she might throw it away?

It means that the Little Wooden Robot must travel aboard a barge with many logs to the frozen North. However, with so many logs aboard, is it possible that the little wooden robot might ever find his sister? Then again, how much danger is he prepared to face to find his sister? Could it be that he will search and search until he finds ‘something familiar’? Won’t it mean another long journey to return to the pleasant land that is his home?

Bookwagon loves this traditional style, yet tongue-in-cheek tale of journeys and adventures. This is such an original, creative and diverting story, with anecdotal asides about further adventures, alongside whip smart sequencing and illustration.

Bookwagon recommends The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess as a superb title to snuggle up with at home, to share in school, to enjoy repeatedly, and then to gift, also.

Foyles’ Children’s Book of the Year

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The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess

Tom Gauld


Imagine if you are a King and a Queen of ‘a pleasant land’ who long for children. What if you sought the help of the royal inventor and the ‘clever old witch who lived in the woods‘. Thereafter imagine if they created The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess. You would think your family was complete and wonderful!
However, although this becomes a very happy family, it seems that there are secrets. For example, the robot’s call awakens his sister so that she awakens from her log-like form to start a princess’s day.
What’s more, within the robot’s working lives a family of beetles that tickle sometimes. Yet, what if the robot’s distracted one day and forgets to awaken his sister from her sleep so that she’s mistaken for a piece of timber by a maid and ends up in the hands of a goblin! Thus begins a huge adventure!
Tom Gauld has created a curious, funny and truly original picture book. Alongside a story of loyal siblings are funny anecdotal adventures that are almost passed over that we might imagine them. Then there’s the comic book style sequencing, the ‘good luck/ bad luck’ style structure that has us truly hooked! Like Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest or The Tiny Woman’s Coat, The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess is a story that begs to be cherished, shared and gifted.


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