The Littlest Bandit


Daredevil Grandma Bandit has got herself in a bit of a spot! She’s caught in a tree. Littlest Bandit offers to help, yet Grandma dismisses it as Littlest always has ‘her nose in a book.’ Grandma needs the heroism and thrills and spills of the wider Bandit clan.

Will Auntie Sue gnaw Grandma out of her trap? Or could Grandad’s super blaster flight not only release Grandma, but repel the eagle who’s spotted Grandma’s predicament. Littlest keeps volunteering, but it seems her offers are in vain!

Littlest Bandit is a really warm, funny, imaginative picture book with a great message about trust, self-reliance and teamwork. We are delighted to welcome this title aboard!


The Littlest Bandit

Ali Pye

(Simon & Schuster)

The Littlest Bandit shouts, “I could help you” when daredevil Grandma Bandit whizzes by and lands in a tree. However, Grandma Bandit dismisses Littlest’s offer as she has ‘her nose in a book all day.’ Grandma’s predicament calls for some ‘proper bandit skills‘ such as those of the other bandit family members.
Will Uncle Bob, who’s won medals for climbing, rescue Grandma? Or perhaps ‘world-champion gnawer‘, Auntie Sue? Maybe Grandpa could manage an air stunt that would not only rescue Grandma, but deter the eagle flying overhead? Littlest’s desperate offers for help seem to go unnoticed, or do they?
Bookwagon’s collection of Ali Pye’s titles include Rosie is My Best Friend alongside the bestselling The Adventures of Harry Stevenson series. Ali Pye’s pictures are inviting, appealing and positive, while her storytelling is funny, sincere and thoroughly engaging. Therefore, we are delighted to recommend The Littlest Bandit.


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