The Littlest Witch


Sybilla is unlike her six elder sisters. Her theatrical parents debate whether she will be blonde or brunette and are bemused by her red hair. Yet, Sybilla is different in other ways. She floats in water, communicates with Shut-up the parrot, and does not show a reflection in the mirror. Life is busy in Sybilla’s family. Diomira their housekeeper has some time for crosswords but little to devote to her suspicions. Yet, Sybilla is ‘The Littlest Witch‘.

In a library nearby, evil plans are hatching. Alfonso the Terrible, can only inherit Great-Uncle Sempronio’s fortune if he can marry a witch. A witch? In this day and age? The clock is ticking down. Alfonso has a year and a day from the reading of the will to find his witch or the fortune will be redistributed.

With Quentin Blake like urgent images from Mark Beech, and a pulsating, witty story, ‘The Littlest Witch’ is a hoot from start to finish. Bianca Pitzorno is the Queen of children’s fiction in her native Italy. We are proud to introduce her works to our Bookwagon readers. We think ‘The Littlest Witch‘ is truly bewitching!


The Littlest Witch

Bianca Pitzorno, illustrated by Mark Beech


‘The Littlest Witch‘ defies prediction and heredity. Unlike her six older sisters Sybilla has red hair. She floats in the bath. Shut-up the parrot calls her ‘mistress’. Sybilla intrigues her family. Little do they realise that in a library nearby, a man with fortune on his mind, threatens Sybilla, and her family!


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