The Littlest Yak: Home is Where the Herd Is


Home is Where the Herd Is determines Granny Yak. After all, aren’t yaks accustomed to moving? To find ever snowier patches and to avoid the warm? However it’s a problem for Gertie. It seems she’s gathered books and toys and pinecones in abundance. How on earth can she move all of this? After all, there are backpacks and cases only available. Then again, might it be that on her journey to snowy new climes, there’s a temptation for more pine cones…

It seems Gertie’s entrusted with the move of the most precious thing of all, ‘baby Dot‘. After all, as Mummy Yak advises Gertie, ‘a home is about so much more/ Than the books on the shelf or the toys n the floor.’ 

Then again, Gertie thinks she has everything in hand, including the pine cones all ‘crammed into crannies and nudged into nooks/ Inside the telescope, on top of the books’. Will there be space for Dotty ‘with one pinecone more‘?

Alongside such glorious pictures that we linger over them lovingly and such fluent, witty, rhyming storytelling, Bookwagon delights upon The Littlest Yak: Home is Where the Herd Is. We recommend this picture book for bedtime reading, sharing together, knowing well and reciting. It is quite wonderful.

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The Littlest Yak: Home is Where the Herd Is

Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley

(Simon & Schuster)

It seems that ‘on the edge of the rockiest ledge, way up high‘ where Gertie’s always lived amongst her family of ‘damp yaks‘, there’s a problem. The ‘snow’s washed away in a slush- melting muddle!/ No icicle ice winds! No frost-freezing storm!‘ In fact, ‘worst of all…. It feels WARM!’
Thereafter, the yaks have no choice but to ‘MOVE mountains/ and find pastures new! However, Gertie has a struggle. What about her books and toys? How on earth can she o move all of her beloved possessions with only ‘backpacks and cases‘? It seems she’s determined! However, what about the most precious thing of all…. In fact, did we encounter her when we read The Littlest Yak: The New Arrival? What’s more, could there be a lesson for Gertie within the traumatic upheaval she faces in this mountainous move?
Bookwagon delights in the warmth, wit, rhyme and richness of Lu Fraser‘s stories of Gertie. We’ve become attached to this little yak, know the strength and determination of her family and its remote setting. What’s more, Kate Hindley’s illustrations are full of charming familiarity and delightful detail. Thereafter, The Littlest Yak: Home is Where the Herd Is is such a welcome addition. What’s more, it lives up to our anticipation so thoroughly, so that we know that this title will be a popular read at bedtime and in classrooms, too.


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