The Littlest Yak


Will Gertie’s Growing Plan of lots of reading, pattering and clattering, hopping and skipping, alongside lots of vegetables help her grow? Within the huddle of yaks, Gertie is The Littlest Yak. It seems that there is nothing that she can do that the hugeness of the other yaks cannot do better.

However, what happens when the massive yaks are too massive to rescue the tiniest of yaks? Is this Gertie’s moment to shine? We watch Gertie’s ‘grippiest of hooves’ race to the rescue, across ‘ice-frosted rocks‘, ‘leaping and springing‘.

While there’s a message in this enchanting, rhyming picture book, there’s also such joy, warmth and humour. Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley have created a picture book destined to be a favourite. The Littlest Yak will be read, shared, treasured and loved by children at home, and in classrooms.


The Littlest Yak

Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley

(Simon & Schuster)

The Littlest Yak lives ‘on the tip of the top of a mountain all snowy‘ amongst ‘huddling yaks, big and small‘. Amongst them, Gertie is smallest. While she can ‘clip-clop up cliffs’ and has the ‘curliest, whirlies wool on her back‘, Gerie is overwhelmed by her smallness. It seems as though there is nothing that she can do, that the big yaks can’t! Thereafter, Gertie seeks ‘hugeness‘ in some way.
While Mummy offers her comfort with the promise that ‘one day [she’ll] be huge‘, Gertie considers that one day is ‘SO far away’. Furthermore, she needs ‘bigness TODAY!’ It seems as though a ‘GROWING UP PLAN’ might be the solution. Could eating vegetables, pattering up and clattering down mountains and hills help? What about hopping and skipping? Thereafter, what about reading lots of books?
Might it be, however, that Gertie is needed for a special mission? Could it be that being the ‘littlest, grippiest yak‘ might help the ‘teeniest of yaks’?
Bookwagon loves this rhyming picture book. Gertie is a truly charming character with a dilemma that we recognise. Furthermore the collaboration of Lu Fraser’s descriptive text alongside Kate Hindley’s enchanting pictures is one that we love. The Littlest Yak is a superb choice for bedtime story reading or classroom sharing.


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