The London Eye Mystery


Ted, whose brain works in its own unique way, and sister Kat fight like cat and dog. They are relieved when their cousin Salim comes to stay, although less pleased that his mother Auntie Glo, joins him.  They decide to take a trip on the London Eye. Ted and Kat watch Salim board his pod and Ted, as is his wont, counts all the passengers onto the pod. Thereafter, he follows the pod all the way round and counts to the same number when the passengers come off, but where is Salim? He has completely vanished.

So begins ‘The London Eye Mystery’, a gripping, quirky detective story. It keeps the reader guessing throughout, while touching on issues like friendship, sibling rivalry and disability, through characters that are engagingly real.  This very popular novel by the late Siobhan Dowd, creator of A Monster Calls satisfies on every level. It is thoroughly recommended to all committed readers.

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The London Eye Mystery

Siobhan Dowd


The London Eye Mystery follows siblings Kat and Ted whose cousin Salim is visiting for the half term holidays. Salim is eager to ride the London Eye whilst he visits, so the family head out for the day. Whilst waiting for tickets a stranger approaches Salim and offers him a spot, which he takes.  He asks Kat and Ted to wait for him. After the cycle however Salim fails to reappear, prompting a police investigation into his disappearance

Salim’s disappearance causes a frenzy, with his Aunt Gloria beside herself with worry. The police assume that Salim has just wondered off but Kat and Ted aren’t so sure. They tracked his pod across its journey and are sure he didn’t come out when he was supposed to, so where is he? And how can someone just disappear from a pod in the middle of the sky? With all the adults going mad with worry Kat and Ted might be the only ones able to solve this case, but where to even start?

Kat and Ted are a great sleuthing team and their different approaches to solving the mystery are crucial.  While Ted is very methodical, Kat is impulsive and emotional. Although very different to methods neither could have solved the mystery without the other and the dynamic tension between the two is really well written.



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