The Longest Breakfast


‘Time for breakfast,’ said Malcolm…. and we’re off. From the baby, to the twins, Toby, to the two Rubies, an ever increasing cavalcade join the queue and dole out their requests for breakfast. The large, approachable pictures- almost ‘caught in slo-mo-‘- the identity of each newcomer, alongside the ‘toot toot’ interjections, are curious and captivating.

This is an inclusive, witty and warm picture book to delight any reader, that we consider should become a favourite choice in the bedtime reading selection. We love it. We recommend ‘The Longest Breakfast‘ to readers  from the very young, to the somewhat older.


The Longest Breakfast

Jenny Bornholdt and Sarah Wilkins

(Gecko Press)

‘What’s for breakfast Malcolm? Who wants breakfast?’ We join an increasingly chaotic breakfast scene one morning as orders and diners increase and confuse, in this wonderful, curious picture book, sure to become a favourite with many families.


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