The Lost Book


The Lost Book‘ is hidden in a hedgerow. Well away from Rabbit Town, its bookshops and reading inhabitants, Henry is on an adventure. When he discovers ‘The Lost Book’ the adventure changes.

Who owns the book? Why would they leave it there? What clues are contained in the book? Henry feels lost and afraid as he begins to research, so seeks comfort in his discovery.

‘The Lost Book‘ draws Henry in. He is taken beyond Rabbit Town, to a place where there are ‘games and adventures’ and friendships too!

This debut picture book is sympathetic, weighted with meaning, yet subtle. I love the layout, the varying picture spreads that have an emotional content. There is real thought and maturity in this work. There are also as many questions. Why Rabbit Town and Human Town? Why doesn’t Henry like books? What changes with ‘The Lost Book– what is held within? ‘The Lost Book’ is a very satisfying, memorable title.

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The Lost Book

Margarita Surnaite

(Andersen Press)- hardback

Henry isn’t like his sisters. In Rabbit Town, books are everywhere. Kate and Amy love reading, but Henry doesn’t. He prefers adventures and games and real life. Then he discovers ‘The Lost Book’. Seeking its owner opens Henry’s eyes to different worlds and possibilities…


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