The Maker of Monsters


On the island, Brat serves rotted meat to the mismatched monsters of parts imprisoned deep in the castle. He is assistant to Lord Macawber, ‘The Maker of Monsters’, fixated with creating the perfect monster to take revenge on Mulligan Karush. Macawber’s perfect monster of Wrath, will crush Karush and enable the release of Macawber’s daughter, Ellari.

Yet revenge comes at a cost. Macawber’s monsters grow ever more complex, artful and greedy. Brat is terrified at each development. He feels loyal to Macawber, yet fearful of him and his creations. He fears what lies beyond the island, and how they would receive him, seemingly part of Macawber’s plan

When the perfect, terrifying creation is born, it ignites a maelstrom of horror. Suddenly Brat, with loyal mini monsters Tingle and Sherman, is forced to warn the mainland of the nightmare that seeks them. Can Brat reach Ellari that she might unlock the magic to halt the terror that seeks to destroy everything in its sight and path?

‘The Maker of Monsters’ is an Odysseyian/ Frankensteinian horror. It is an allegory of good versus evil, friendship versus hatred, forgiveness versus revenge. I love Mold and the Poison Plot, a standalone novel, so delighted in reading this latest title by Lorraine Gregory. It, too, is an original, exciting, compulsive story that grips, talon like from the first page!


The Maker of Monsters

Lorraine Gregory

(Oxford University Press)

Lord Macawber is ‘The Maker of Monsters‘. He obsesses over the creation of the most perfect monster of parts to crush his nemesis, Mulligan Karush. Brat serves him. He feeds rotted meat to imprisoned trial monsters deep within Macawber’s island of horror. Brat yearns to escape the horror yet fears what is on the outside. He knows once Macawber arrives at the perfect creation, all hell will be let loose. What is Brat to do?


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