The Mapmakers’ Race


The Mapmakers’ Race‘ is a hard-fought challenge fought for big money. Teams of tough explorers seek to chart a rail passage from Grand Prospect to New Coalhaven. The race means everything to the Santander family. Joe considers, they ‘will not be a family’ without the prize money. However, there’s an inconspicuous start, with Pa not having returned from his previous expedition, and Ma left behind at the rail station. It seems the journey, through untracked mountains and forests, is in the hands of the children. Do they have the skill? The other teams certainly do not think so. They’re out to sabotage the Santanders. Who will help?

‘The Mapmakers’ Race‘ is a rollicking adventure. There are cliffhanging chapters, raisin ripping moments, shoe sole soaring episodes;  so many times that your reader’s heart is in your throat. We urge Joe, Francis and Sal on through every footstep,

It is truly refreshing to read an adventure story of such quality and originality, pace and punch. Bookwagon is proud to recommend ‘The Mapmakers’ Race’ to its readers.


The Mapmaker’s Race

Eirlys Hunter

(Gecko Press)

‘The Mapmakers’ Race‘ is the only hope for the Santander family’s future. What happened to Pa  in an earlier venture? Now, Ma, left behind on the station platform, en route to Grand Prospect? What will happen to the family aboard the train? Can they win the money, offered to the adventurers who can chart a course to New Coalhaven. Could three children, a toddler and a parrot create this map and win the treasure?


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