The Mask of Aribella


The Mask of Aribella is supposed to be a dazzling affair, symbolising her unique, magical talent. It’s the fire making skill that has enabled her entrance to the secret Venetian Cannovacci society. Furthermore, it’s caused her father to be imprisoned.

As the Blood Moon rises over Venice, it seems the danger to the city grows. Yet the society that protects Venice is in turmoil, with members disagreeing on the best course of action. Meanwhile Aribella deals with the revelation of her magic, admission to something entirely new and secret, and then concerns about her Papa. Could the Doge help, or is his continuing illness unlikely to enable her a visit?

Then again, how is is possible that a novice Cannovacci might have any knowledge about the best course of action in rescuing her father and thereafter holding off the creeping sorcery that threatens this most wonderful of cities?

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The Mask of Aribella

Anna Hoghton

(Chicken House)

The Mask of Aribella is scratchy and unappealing. It does not glow and astound like those of the other members of the Cannovacci. Yet there is so much new about the Venetian secret society to which Aribella is admitted, that she feels she cannot doubt  this mask was meant for her. Furthermore, there are greater worries at play. Who is seeking to destroy Venice? Could it be the work of estranged member Zio, or was he really murdered by Clara? As  tensions within the society grow, the Venetian floodwaters rise and the Doge grows more ill. In addition, Aribella is worried about her Papa who has been imprisoned thanks to Aribella’s actions.
It seems that Aribella’s fire making skill is something to be feared, yet also something that might help the crisis in Venice. Is it possible that a novice Cannovacci might discover who is harming Venice? Furthermore, are all the warnings of the danger of the Blood Moon to be believed? Thereafter, how might Aribella rescue Papa and discover the truth behind who is causing havoc? It’s a tall order!
The Mask of Aribella is a lyrical fantasy adventure, with hints of The Girl Who Speaks Bear in the authenticity of its setting. Maybe this is the time to be rushed away on a secret gondola aboard The Mask of Aribella?

Winner of the North Somerset Quality Fiction Award


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