The Midnight Hour


How can Emily enter ‘The Midnight Hour‘? She has a skeleton key, a necklace of coins, a pack of sandwiches and a hedgehog. Something amongst this kit must help her. She has to access this phenomenon to rescue her parents. Emily doesn’t understand where they’ve gone. The last she heard her father had left to seek her mother. She’d disappeared following a mysterious midnight caller. What is happening? Emily’s mother is surely the most embarrassing mother on the planet, and her father the most dull Dad imaginable. What on earth could they be involved in that might be so mysterious?

The Midnight Hour‘ is a unique, engrossing, whirlwind of an adventure. There’s metaphysics, real family relationships, a ‘gobby’ main character, and lots of animal welfare. Its historic London setting, is reminiscent of The City of Secret Rivers, as is its humour. I love this title and cannot wait to share it with our online customers and through our book fairs and subscriptions. Rub a hedgehog nose, and check out this book!

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The Midnight Hour

Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder

(Chicken House)

Emily is in trouble, deep in her room after yet another argument with her mother. Yet her foul mood does not prevent her from hearing the door at ‘The Midnight Hour’. Who is calling? Why do her parents pay the caller such attention? There’s mention of Mum’s family…. Mum NEVER mentions her family. What is going on? Thus begins a brilliant, witty, clever and wildly imaginative adventure story. Hold onto your hedgehogs!


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