The Midnight Hunt


It seems Victorian London is under siege from the power of darkness, determined to erase all magic from this place of nighttime. What’s more, Emily has been summoned as ‘the Resistance needs a giant gob to speak truth to the powers that be‘. Not only does Emily posses that ‘giant gob’ but she’s skilled at making plans, especially when fuelled by jam sandwiches.

However, her plans and her gob are going to need more on this outing to the Hour. Not only are all magical beings under threat, hunted down by The Midnight Hunt, but it seems Nocturne, is behind the attack. Yet where is she? Then again, where are her sisters and how might Emily protect them?

Can Emily summon all her Pooka skills, ensure she is a step ahead of the Powers, and then build a force so that the Great Working survives? Without this the nighttime world is erased, alongside all its magic. It’s a tall order!

The Midnight Hunt is the third title in a stunning, pacy, Big Ben sized wonderful trilogy, that we love and recommend highly.

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The Midnight Hunt

Benjamin Red & Laura Trinder

(Chicken House)

Emily’s Dad is a shadow of himself since his dismissal from the Night Post. However his despair is a tiny part of the bigger problem, for it seems that ‘daysies’ like him, have been locked out of The Midnight Hour. Although- Emily and her Ma are half Pooka, it seems the door is sealed. This means that there is no entrance. What’s more, the powers that have made these decisions are building a storm of resistance to anyone who is different, from Pooka, to ghûl.
However it’s a nighttime awakening from Hunts-by-Night that prompts Emily to pack her satchel and head to the Great Working hurriedly. In fact she’s in such a race that it seems she cannot take Hog, her hedgehog, despite hearing her mother’s advice in her head.
Yet what Emily finds is beyond anything she might imagine. It seems that since she was last behind the doors of darkness, life has changed drastically. Everything is overturned, angry and violent. Thereafter, it is a shock when Tarkus hides her from The Midnight Hunt. It seems her mother’s family, Pooka, are the prey. What’s more, the move against daysies is mammoth and growing. So who is behind this horror? Could it be anything to do with Nocturne’s ill magic?
Yet again Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder plummet us headlong into a riveting adventure. From the race of Painty to Emily’s attempt to become a Pooka horse, to her showdowns with Bron and the Nocturne…. This is exhausting! However, it is truly magical, with such empathy and truth and considered allegory that we are completely involved. Bookwagon loves this final episode of a superb trilogy and recommends it highly!



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