The Minute Minders


Stevie seems to have to pick up the pieces wherever she goes. Although Dad’s the working Finder, Stevie takes a keen interest in all his cases. In fact, she’s quick to analyse and learn from them and then to pick up all the training and experience of other Finders, like Jungle Jed.

A series of errors- which are always seen- means that Stevie and her Dad must move to Tassimity from Libraden. However the reason for their move, Sandra May Bee, is also moving. What’s more, she’s unhappy and lonely and losing the impulsivity that caused Stevie and her Dad to intervene originally. Surely Stevie wouldn’t think of getting close to this human child again? Maybe sharing her name and suggesting that they’re imaginary twin sisters? Wouldn’t that jeopardise any chance of Stevie and Dad winning a reward dream holiday?

Mary Murphy, whose picture books we’ve loved for some time, opens a new series with suggestions of Bookwagon‘s beloved Edie and the Flits and the classic The Borrowers. However The Minute Minders has spark and humour and its own inner story. What’s more, it’s been revealed to the writer, especially!

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The Minute Minders

Mary Murphy

(Pushkin Press)

How does Mary Murphy discover the Finders? After all, aren’t they secret to humans though Finders know everything about us? It seems it’s all to do with Stevie Clipper.
After her father’s given a ‘special assignment’ it seems that the pair must leave Linbraden for Tassimity. However the reason for this ‘special assignment’, Sandra May Bee, is heading to this place also. What’s more, like Stevie Clipper and her Dad, it’s not for any good reason. Furthermore, none of them want to leave. Then again, it seems as though Stevie has her work cut out. Not only is she committed to ensuring that her father completes his training without any issues or upheaval, but that she gets her school work done. There is so much to discover about Finders, including the special work of The Minute Minders, which is full of records and highly targeted. Can Dad manage? What if he’s requisitioned to this special Finders operation team?
Stevie doesn’t want to go to boarding school. She knows Dad needs her. What’s more, she’s keen that her father and she might maintain a perfect record in order to receive a prize of a holiday of their dreams. Is it possible? It seems it’s all down to Stevie! Or could it be that Sandra May Bee might strike again as Stevie becomes rather too close to this human child?
Bookwagon loves Mary Murphy’s empathetic writing which is full of mischief and possibility. Just think of Chirp! We suggest that The Minute Minders is a great choice for readers who are seeking more depth in their chapter book reading, stepping out from shorter stories.


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