The Missing Barbegazi


Never, ever, ever trust humans!‘ Gawion has been warned about their dangers. Will he put his faith in Tessa, who offers berries, and says that she can help him and his family find Maeg? What choice does he have?

Gawion is a barbegazi. Few people have seen one of his kind, and fewer believe in their existence. Yet Tessa’s Opa, rescued as a child by barbegazi when caught in an avalanche, knew differently. Tessa believes. Despite the mockery of her friends and frustration of her family, she searches for barbegazi for Opa’s sake. Maybe it will cheer Oma, with her broken heart.

Who else is searching for barbegazi? What are his motives? What has he to do with ‘The Missing Barbegazi’? 

H.S. Norup has imagined and created a glorious story. We are compelled by Tessa’s search, share her fears and loneliness, and cheer her determination. The tender family relationships, mirrored in Tessa’s and Gawion’s settings, are beautifully realised. The alternate narration by either character sets the reader into each of their heads, as they make their discoveries, learn their truths, try, risk, fail, and rather as with Tessa’s skiing, get up again. I am so happy to recommend ‘The Missing Barbegazi‘ to our readers. It is a really warm and satisfying story.

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The Missing Barbegazi

H.S. Norup

(Pushkin Children’s Books)

Opa told Tessa of his encounters with the barbegazi. Barbegazi rescued him from an avalanche as a child. Why won’t anyone else believe the stories? There is no Opa now, and Oma’s heart is broken. Will Tessa’s search for ‘The Missing Barbegazi‘ help make things better? She knows the clues! Could there be another hunter of these mythical creatures? Is it possible that this search is not as innocent as Tessa’s?  What are the barbegazi searching for, meanwhile?

The Missing Barbegazi‘ is a stunning first novel, unlike any other. Its mountain setting, mythical creatures that seem so very real, and its compassionate characters stir and captivate. We are proud to present this superb story.



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