The Monkey’s Secret


Lizzie Kennedy is frustrated by her gender, age and societal expectations of her. When Jing, her family’s manservant, goes missing at a time of uncertainty and rumour about San Francisco’s Chinatown, Lizzie is determined to rescue him- even more so when she finds what he has been hiding in the family’s attic. However, every possible obstacle is put in her way, from Aunt Hortense, school, to the actions of her reckless brother, Billy.

I could not put ‘The Monkey’s Secret’ down. It is a superb story, rooted in real events in San Francisco’s post- gold rush history. I urge you to read it too!


The Monkey’s Secret

Gennifer Choldenko

(Hot Key Books)

The Monkey’s Secret‘ is a super mystery story. Real life events in turn of the century San Francisco confound our genteel heroine. Where has the family manservant disappeared to? Who is living upstairs? Why won’t her father tell her the truth about her brother and the stories of an epidemic? Bookwagon recommends this gripping, real-life, historical tale, hugely!


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