The Moonlight Zoo


Eva’s missing Luna desperately. It’s been two days since her little cat disappeared. Therefore when she’s disturbed by a noise beneath her bed, she is hopeful it’s Luna. However, a wolf appears, inviting her to join him as they look through The Moonlight Zoo for Luna.

Clues such as Luna’s love of sardines might be helpful, or they could lead to a penguin parade! Thereafter, there are missing elephants, wolf packs and parrots, but is Luna anywhere? Eva must move quickly, for the zoo disappears at daybreak…

Bookwagon loves Maudie Powell- Tuck and Karl James Mountford’s collaboration, Last Stop on the Reindeer Express. From the heart-warming storytelling to the intricate page shaping, colouring and cutouts, The Moonlight Zoo is a picture book to read, treasure and share. Bookwagon recommends this book highly as a gift selection.


The Moonlight Zoo

Maudie Powell- Tuck and Karl James Mountford

(Little Tiger Press)

Eva misses her cat’s ‘soft, furry tummy and her rocket-engine purr‘.How on earth can she be expected to sleep? Therefore when she’s disturbed by noises beneath her bed, Eva hopes she might discover Luna, hiding. Yet… it’s The Moonlight Zoo! This is a place for missing animals, where they’re all kept safe. Is it possible, therefore, that by stepping into this wonderland, Eva and Luna might be reunited?
Last Stop on the Reindeer Express is a new title from a same stand out writer and illustrator, The Midnight Zoo is a picture book discovery through cut- outs, intricately shaped pages and paper flaps. Furthermore, there is such symbolism in the colouring that we wonder whether we are sharing Eva’s dream. Or is it, as her wolf companion urges, a magical place where Eva can track Luna using all her clues?
Eva travels the The Moonlight Zoo from Penguin Palace to Monkey Island. While Eva worries as the stars fade in the sky above and morning approaches, her hope of finding her cat are strong. Furthermore, she has her wolf to encourage her forward…


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