The Moon’s Gorgonzola


‘Sit on the carpet/ Hop on the carpet/ Jump on the carpet/ FLOP!’ Then again, ‘Ten tired teachers/ Yawning during break/ Suddenly spring to life/ When the hear the word/ CAKE!’

The first section within The Moon’s Gorgonzola features poetry about school. Readers are familiar with Sports Day, urgent Headteachers, feeling scared at change. Thereafter, we hear the ‘snort of a badger‘ and ‘the hoof an owl’ that suggests our ‘garden is a symphony’. Then again, what about Sitting at the Harbour smelling ‘Fish from my fishing net/ was and cockleshells’? Or might we imagine the little dreams of ‘Little Mouse, Little Hamster’ or ‘Little Bunny’? Might there be ‘chocolate and cheese’? 

Bookwagon loves the accessibility, the subtle approach of repetition, rhyme, assonance and sequence, for example, and the breadth of view within The Moon’s Gorgonzola. In fact, this small but quite magnificent collection of poems from Debra Bertulis, beautifully illustrated by Zoe Williams, is recommended to every classroom. It includes poems that need to be heard, recited, known and loved. Then again, the poet offers opportunities to build upon her work, for example extending the rhymes within Eye Test.

The Moon’s Gorgonzola is a wonderful creation and splendid addition to every poetry shelf.

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The Moon’s Gorgonzola

Debra Bertulis, with illustrations from Zoe Williams

(Troika Poetry)

‘The shells in my hand/ Takes me back to the sea/ Back to sand in my toes/ Fish and chips for tea’… Can’t we picture this? Then again, can’t we hear the gulls and smell the salt?
Debra Bertulis brought us the superb Where Do Wishes Go? Thereafter, with The Moon’s Gorgonzola, we’ve poems of the familiar and the fanciful. For example, can’t we see The Festival Dragon that ‘twirls’ and ‘whirls‘ its ‘many feet’? Then again, don’t some of us suffer with [a] Dad’s [who’s] SO Embarrassing? In fact, maybe we have a Dad who ‘sings on the loo/ In the bath/ In his shed/ To his wallet/ His toenail/ To the hat on his head’? (Mine whistles!)
However, what about the land of Fafflefuff that might want its breakfast to says ‘Fafflefuff! Fafflefuff!’ twice/ Then- gobbles up his cereal/ – puffed rice’? Furthermore, what would you do if you were ‘crowned King’? Might it be to deal with problems with ‘WATER‘ or even ‘TOOTHPASTE‘?
I love the variety of poetry here. In fact, Bookwagon considers this an ideal choice for younger poets, for the writer includes rhymes, such as Train Ride to the Sea, with appealing repetition that might be built upon. Then again, in a favourite section, we’ve a trilogy, with diaries from Cat, Dog and Mouse.
Altogether, this creation is wonderful. It might be small, but it’s mighty. Thereafter, Bookwagon recommends The Moon’s Gorgonzola as essential to classrooms and bedtime reading.



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