The Most-Loved Bear


Mary Rose chooses Growly Bear. Her Mummy sews a ‘G’ and a ‘B’ onto his paws. Growly Bear is ‘The Most-Loved Bear’. When he is misplaced, he evolves into Bargain Bear. He enjoys a life of football, baths and nighttime cuddles.

What happens to bears as time passes? What are their stories? ‘The Most-Loved Bear‘ is a satisfying, action- packed, rich history of a bear’s life. We journey from family to shelf, from games and hospital, to shop window. Sam McBratney offers a practical, interesting storyline, while Sam Usher’s pictures are fascinating and fulfilling. ‘The Most-Loved Bear‘ is rather like Mary Rose’s original Growly Bear, a book to be cherished, held close and loved.


The Most-Loved Bear

Written by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Sam Usher


‘Growly Bear’ is ‘The Most-Loved Bear‘. Mary Rose bought him from sixpences she has saved. We follow Growly Bear as he evolves into Bargain Bear. From football to baths, nighttime cuddles to hospital care, ‘The Most-Loved Bear‘ lives a rich, fulfilling life. This is a wonderful, ‘forever’, picture book.


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