The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared


‘The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared’ does not heed Rabbit’s warnings of the big, scary creatures in the forest. She heads off to play on the toadstools and make discoveries. Who is curled beneath the branches? Will it play with her? Maybe the huge, scary bear behind the tree will play with Little Mouse. Or even the enormous moose?

What if Little Mouse wandered further and came upon a little house. What might be waiting behind the door?

The story sequence, alongside the atmospheric pictures, creates a really authentic plot. I love the surprise behind the door. Little Mouse’s bravado and sense of adventure are enticing. The climax of the story is warm and funny.

‘The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared‘ is a splendid story choice for very young readers,  certain to linger over the tale and pictures with delight.


The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared

Petr Horáček

(Walker Books)

Rabbit warns Little Mouse that the woods are scary and full of big, frightening animals. ‘The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared‘ says she isn’t scared of anything! Not even a creature hidden beneath the branches? What about a HUGE, SCARY BEAR? Or the moose peeping through the leaves? Something is behind the door of the little house? Surely this will not frighten Little Mouse?


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