The Museum of Everything


The Museum of Everything exists in our mind. It’s our collection of things, our order and creation. It means that we can ‘look at little pieces- one at a time’ and curate what we see, and imagine…

Thereafter, we organise this into a quiet place to be wondered over. It might be wondering whether a ‘rock in a puddle [could] be an island’. Thereafter, what if that ‘rock in the puddle is a boulder in a pond. And what if that pond is on a small island in a lake?’ Could there be models made of the the lake on a bigger island- in the ocean in our museum? Then again, maybe this museum could be a museum of different kinds of islands!

Then there could be a museum of bushes, full of twirling bushskirts of springtime, that anyone could try on! This could become a gallery of ‘experimental, science fiction-type bushes’. 

The wondering continues through Lynne Rae Perkins’ museum collection dioramas and inspiring text. We move onto curate a Museum of Hiding Places and then of shadows, that move beyond ‘the usual kinds‘ to those you’d not expect, like the ‘car shape that didn’t get snowed on’, or ‘a leaf, warmed by sunlight‘ that ‘melts a perfect leaf-shaped hole in the snow A shadow of melting’. 

Bookwagon is awed and astounded by this beautiful, thoughtful, introspective and inspiring picture book. We recommend The Museum of Everything to all dreamers and innovators.

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The Museum of Everything

Lynne Rae Perkins

(HarperCollins)– hardback

The Museum of Everything is my creation. It’s formed by the things that intrigue and puzzle me. Therefore, it springs from ‘my mind. An imaginary museum’. Yet, it’s really a creation of things ‘I Wonder About’. It seems there are lots of those…
Possibly Islands could feature, because ‘there are so many different kinds‘. Then again, there could be a collection of ‘bushskirts’, that look ‘like a bush in springtime’. What’s more there could be a gallery of ‘Hiding Places’. Yet this could be somewhere that we might be in right now, without knowing it. What about, thereafter, an exhibition of things that ‘you would expect’ alongside something ‘you don’t expect’. 
Somehow, magically, Lynne Rae Perkins investigates the corners of our own quiet places, where we imagine and dream to create The Museum of Everything. This is the show room of the things we skirt over, contemplate, dream upon and move beyond. This studio constitutes a starting point for dreamers, the inventors of the future. Like Weslandia or A World of Your Own, this title is inspiring, innovative and entirely original. However, through the writer/ artist’s use of diorama, it feels as though we are stepping into her innermost thoughts and wonderings. Bookwagon loves and values this curious, reflective picture book.


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