The Mystery of the Colour Thief


The Mystery of the Colour Thief’ niggles at Izzy. The colours on her bedroom wall mural appear to be disappearing. The mural, created by her artist mother, shows major events in Izzy’s life, beginning with her large baby birth. How will the latest, biggest event be shown? Will it ever?

Meanwhile, there’s Lady Macbeth to audition for,  a new art challenge, and a fierce demeanour to hold. It’s overwhelming when everything feels like it’s unravelling. Life is not made any easier for Izzy when her lifelong best friend begins to avoid and diminish her. Izzy feels lost and threatened.

Spike, the tiny cygnet discovered by new neighbour Toby, appears lost and threatened. The welfare of Spike becomes a priority for Izzy, and Toby. Somehow his survival is linked to Izzy’s- and her mother’s.

The Mystery of the Colour Thief’ is a subtle yet powerful, respectful and emotional story. I am delighted to have discovered Ewa Jozefowicz and delighted to recommend this book alongside later novels, Girl 38: Finding a Friend and The Key to Finding Jack

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The Mystery of the Colour Thief

Ewa Jozefkowicz

(Head of Zeus)

On Izzy’s wall is a mural that travels her life’s journey. How will that moment appear? Somehow the colour of her life is ebbing away. Her best friend is leaving her. Izzy feels as though she’s caught up in currents. She’s like Spike, the cygnet. He’s struggling too. How can Izzy hold it together? The reds of Lady Macbeth, the greens of the rushes, the black of her guilt. Izzy feels as though she’s losing the battle. As with her later books, Girl 38: Finding a Friend and The Key to Finding Jack, Ewa Jozefkowicz draws us into the feelings of her central character. It seems as though we are compelled to want things to improve for Izzy. Therefore, we seek friendship, hope and an outlet for her feelings. Is it possible that Toby might hold the key? Or, might Lady MacBeth offer something more?
‘The Mystery of the Colour Thief‘ is a powerful, emotional and pacy story. Bookwagon recommends this book highly to our mature middle grade novels. Those readers who seek stories about feelings and friendship are urged to discover the works of Ewa Jozefkowicz. Somehow, magically, she knows how we feel.


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