The Mystery of the Forever Weekend


What if there’s a Sunday with an event that you don’t want to attend? A Sunday in which you know your best friend is at a football final with the boy who’s bullying you? Then again, you know that the day ahead threatens you with this bully and then a maths test? Wouldn’t you do anything to stop this Sunday from rolling over into Monday?

However, what if you’re caught in a ‘ground-hog day’ Sunday wherein the same burnt toast smell awakens you? Then again, it’s the series of incidents from which you cannot escape? Is there anyway to find a solution?

Cory’s stuck. It seems his minor celebrity father is a laughing stock, while the family has money problems. While his Mum’s away, he’s forced to attend a daytime TV awards with his father. However could there be clues scattered throughout the day that might help Cory find a way out? Maybe even improve this day and thereafter the one he’s dreading?

Bookwagon loves Lisa Thompson’s stories. We are delighted to welcome The Mystery of the Forever Weekend aboard, and look forward to sharing it with all middle grade readers. What a satisfying, engaging and really emotionally aware title.

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The Mystery of the Forever Weekend

Lisa Thompson


Cory’s Dad is a minor celebrity with a daytime television programme. It seems as though his star is declining. Certainly according to Will, at school, Cory’s Dad is a has-been. Then again, it seems that Will is becoming a problem for Cory. It’s obvious the doesn’t like Cory although Cory’s only ever been pleasant to him. What’s more, it’s obvious that Rowan, who’s been Cory’s best friend since Year 2, seems to want to be with Will more than Cory. Then there’s maths, which has become more and more difficult. In fact, it’s all getting to Cory. Isn’t there any way that he can avoid Monday. After all, isn’t this the Monday in which Will threatens to lie about Cory and turn everyone against him?
The Mystery of the Forever Weekend is such a readable, emotionally aware and truly engaging story. Lisa Thompson writes stories that readers want to read and will really enjoy. In fact, just consider her titles, including The Rollercoaster Boy and The Light Jar. Then again, with this novel, we watch Cory’s world seemingly falling in on him, so that he’s worried about his dog and his parents’ happiness. Furthermore, there are incidents he observes across an endless Sunday. However what about these incidents? Thereafter, what about Agatha? Could it be that by looking outward, Cory might find a way to move forward?
Bookwagon loves and recommends The Mystery of the Forever Weekend. What an aware, empathetic and superb story, ideal for reading aloud, talking over but also for reading alone, and holding close.


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