The Myth Keeper


It’s the speeding car that bends his bicycle out of shape that first makes Buzz aware of something strange going on in Crowhurst. Then again, there’s the warning from the shadowy man who witnesses the near collision. He tells Buzz to ‘watch [him]self and those close to [him]‘. Furthermore what does Sam and his extraordinary blasts of heat, have to do with any of this? Although he questions Sam, it seems he’s determined not to explain. Then again, Buzz has a lot that he doesn’t want his friend to know, including why he’s been so distracted recently.

Suddenly, it seems that the adventure Buzz has missed has arrived in Crowhurst. However, this adventure is deadly. What’s more, it threatens Sam, his very best friend, alongside Buzz’s family.

When Sam is selected by a host of immortals as a powerful gift, it kickstarts a chase to The Myth Keeper. This wise one holds the key as to how Buzz, Mari and Theo might find a way to suffuse the chaos reigning in Crowhurst. However, Buzz has a secret of his own. What has happened to the Runes of Valhalla?

Bookwagon felt compelled to read this superb mythological adventure in one sitting! The pace, drama, humour and flow are engrossing. We recommend The Myth Keeper highly to our readers.

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The Myth Keeper

Jasmine Richards

(UCLan Publishing)

It seems that ever since The Unmorrow Curse, Buzz has changed. Although he denies it, Mari and Sam are aware that he seems distant and bored. However, when adventure returns to Crowmarsh it’s in a way that Buzz could never have expected. What’s more, it’s at Sam’s fingertips.
Somehow, Buzz’s mother’s promise to the forest god seems coincides with the moment that strange forces are unlocked in Sam. What’s more, these are seen as potential by Berchta to unleash immortal chaos to Buzz and Tia’s town. However in doing so, Sam’s whisked away, forcing Buzz, Theo and Mari to use everything at their  disposal to rescue him. It seems that the key to his return is held by The Myth Keeper. This means that once again the trio must seek guidance from Ratatosk and thereafter venture through Yggdrasil. Thereafter, they’ve a path to carve out, yet can Buzz and Mari work together, or might Buzz’s ego prove a problem? Then again, what is happening to Sam? Finally, will Buzz confess the whereabouts of the Runes of Valhalla, entrusted to him upon their last quest?
Jasmine Richards is an outstanding writer who researches skilfully so that we’re caught within a web of immortals fluently and convincingly. Then again, the dialogue, movement and emotions of the story are relatable, despite the setting.
Bookwagon loves The Myth Keeper and recommends it highly to our readers.


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