The New Neighbours


The New Neighbours‘ are awaited excitedly. The bunnies bounce, ‘Yippee!’ Yet as word of the new arrival spreads, other residents aren’t so excited. They’re messy, smelly, thieving. Anticipation turns to dread’ ‘Rats! Big, dirty, thieving, smelly, dangerous rats!‘ The decision builds to make the new residents leave.

What happens when the residents arrive to remove ‘The New Neighbours’?

Sarah McIntyre has created a  resonant, yet subtle and meaningful story. Wide-eyed, excited characters, bold, cartoon style text, amid the building fear are approachable and engaging. There are laughs to be had in the characterisation and rumour building. ‘The New Neighbours’ is a book to read over, share and love.


The New Neighbours

Sarah McIntyre

(David Fickling Books)

The New Neighbours‘ offer excitement to the building. ‘Yippee!’ The residents BOUNCE down the stairs, but then doubts begin to fester…Messy? Smelly? Thieving? Suddenly, ‘The New Neighbours‘ are to be feared! This is wise, delightful, empathetic and warm picture book with a subtle message.


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