The Night After Christmas


After a toast and a ‘welcome-home tea‘ Santa Claus must head out to the elves, waiting in their ‘festive onesies and jumpers’. It’s the moment they await all year, when Santa Claus looks into the skies and calls in eight giant owls, ‘faster than peregrines’. They carry an enormous Christmas cracker that the elves ‘dig their heels in’ to explode…. At this signal, the celebrations of The Night After Christmas can begin!

With joyous rhyme and sparkling pictures, including a festive lights’ display courtesy of Mrs Claus, Kes Gray and Claire Powell extend the joy of the season. To imagine the pride and relief of all at the North Pole in accomplishing another Christmas run is quite magical.

Let’s join the dancing! Thereafter, let’s watch the lights and explore the constellations. It’s time to give thanks to Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas with The Night After Christmas. 

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The Night After Christmas

Kes Gray and Claire Powell


The Night After Christmas is a far cry from The Night Before the Night Before Christmas. It seems that with the ‘sleigh- covered, mileage recorded,/ Presents delivered, reindeer rewarded’ all concerned are looking forward to an enormous party!

Therefore, after a toast and a ‘welcome-home tea’ ,Santa Claus steps out to the elves, awaiting their favourite time of the year. ‘Owl Time is nigh!‘ Thereafter, Santa calls in the owls who carry ‘a cracker the size of a bus.. jam-packed with goodies, bunglingly full’. What will ‘rain down from the sky’ when the giant cracker explodes? Is it possible to have any more mince pies? Thereafter, what might Mrs Claus reveal when she pulls down the lever to the heavens? Could it be that after a spectacular light show there might be dancing? Even dance- offs, fandango, tango and twist?

At the time when all the excitement of Christmas is beginning to ebb, it’s magical to consider that far away in the North Pole, Santa  Claus and his team are enjoying a riotous celebration! Bookwagon loves this rhyming spectacle that recognises the wonder of Christmas, the magic of Santa Claus and the promise of Christmases to come.


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