The Night Before Christmas


There are few families where some lines of The Night Before Christmas are not thought of or recited it at some point over the festive period.

Yet did you know that it was written by Clement C. Moore, a New York Professor of Divinity and Greek Literature? Furthermore, that it was first submitted anonymously, before the author acknowledged his penmanship a year later, in 1823.

While The Night Before Christmas was published in a variety of forms over the years, it was a 1954 edition by Swiss born writer and illustrator Roger Duvoisin that became the definitive publication.

Scallywag Press presents this edition of The Night Before Christmas anew. Its chimney shape, primary colours and loving recreation of the major characters and setting, summon up this Christmas tingling narrative perfectly.

The Night Before Christmas is the perfect gift for readers of all ages. This is a book to read, recite, know, love and treasure.

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The Night Before Christmas

Clement C. Moore, illustrated by Roger Duvoisin

(Scallywag Press)– hardback

Twas The Night Before Christmas which opened the world of children’s Christmas books. We learn in the introduction that this edition is a recreation of the 1954 book, considered the definitive interpretation. Therefore, the style and colours are the same, while the chimney shape suggests the poem’s narrative perfectly.
It seems that ahead of Roger Duvoisin’s book, the poem appeared in a variety of editions.
While the poem was first published anonymously, in 1822, Clement C. Moore, Professor of Divinity and Greek Literature claimed its authorship a year later. Thereafter it has gone on to become one of the most iconic, connected and best known Christmas narratives. It seems to have cemented the role and performance of Father Christmas into our thinking and beliefs.
Bookwagon is proud to share this beautiful reproduction from Scallywag Press, the title that spawned a number of other sequels and parodies, including Kes Gray’s The Night After Christmas. We suggest that this edition of The Night Before Christmas is the perfect book for reading, knowing, sharing and gifting.


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