The Night Garden


‘The Night Garden‘ glows in the evening. Franny watches it from her bedroom window. Yet she has been forbidden from entering. While she has accepted the ban, Zebediah, youngest child of the Madden family defies Old Tom’s rule. His actions might have something to do with the letters he’s trying to keep hidden from his older sister. She and Franny are determined to discover their contents. They know ‘Fixing Bob’ is up to something reckless. His actions have driven Mrs Madden to abandon the children with Franny and her parents, Sina and Old Tom.

Mr Madden, aka Fixing Bob, services seaplanes for the Canadian military. He’s harboured a long held ambition to fly the Argot, one of the machines in his care. Surely his longings haven’t pushed him over the edge?

Franny loves her quiet, comfortable life on the edge of nowhere. Sooke, Vancouver Island, has everything she ever wanted. The Maddens arrival, then the hiring of hapless teenage cook Gladys, upends her order and security. Has ‘The Night Garden’ more to do with the chaos than she had ever imagined?

Polly Horvath is a fascinating, acclaimed North American, middle grade writer. It delights me to welcome ‘The Night Garden‘ aboard the wagon. Polly Horvath’s international titles are scarce in Britain. We urge you to sample the wonder of ‘The Night Garden‘.


The Night Garden

Polly Horvath

(Pan Macmillan)

Why must Franny not visit ‘The Night Garden’? It appears The Hermit is a regular visitor. Old Tom will not explain the magic of the white night blooms. Three neighbouring children left with Franny, Old Tom and Sina harbour a secret to which only Zebediah is party. It’s something to do with secret letters from his father. There’s a missing sea plane…What is being planned? Can Franny and Winifred discover the clues and save ‘The Night Garden’?


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